What People are Saying

“Carol Kingsley was excellent, calm and patient.”

— C.I., Attorney

“Great, professional, fair and understanding.”

— P.L., Attorney

“Her approach was at once thoughtful, considerate, compassionate and wholly professional … Carol displayed patience and empathy for both myself and the plaintiff which set a tone of goodwill throughout.”

—R.B., Client

“A quintessential professional.”

—D.K., Attorney

“Carol was very patient and helpful. Thanks to her, the case was settled to everyone’s satisfaction.”

—C.H., Client

“I was satisfied because Carol was not only calm, but she sounded reasonable and she was understanding of both sides of the situation.”

— K.S., Client

“Carol did a great job in getting both sides to have their say.”

—B.B., Client

“Carol was very fair and professional. She listened to both sides and was able to keep both parties on track.”

—G.L., Client

“We had a very complicated case with a lot of volatile issues and Ms. Kingsley did her best to make sure both sides were heard, understood and were going to accomplish their goals.”

—J.G., Client

“Extremely great!”

—E.M., Client